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News from the Valley of Salem

Donald M. Moran named Deputy for Massachusetts

by Valley of Salem on 10/04/12

At this year's Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, the Deputy for Massachusetts, Ill? Donald G. Hicks, Jr. 33o stepped down from his position as Deputy Member at the close of the session.

Our very own, Ill. Donald M. Moran 33o has assumed this important role.

A Deputy of the Supreme Council serves as the Executive Officer for Scottish Rite within his state jurisdiction. There is always at least one Active Member in a state jurisdiction in addition to the Deputy Member. In Massachusetts, we have two Active Members in addition to the Deputy.

The other Active Member is Ill. Robert E. Godbout, Jr. 33o, Grand Master General of Ceremonies for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

We all wish Brother Moran success in his new role.

Help Wanted

by Valley of Salem on 04/08/12

We are always looking for help with the internal workings of the Valley. If you have any interest in becoming involved with our Commissary team, Wardrobe, stage hands, sound or lighting, acting -both speaking and non-speaking parts, singing in the Choir, or if you have aspirations to become an Officer in any our three bodies - please contact any of the Presiding Officers, and let them know of your interest.

Benjamin Franklin Visits The Valley of Salem

by Valley of Salem on 04/08/12

Dr. and Bro. Benjamin Franklin, portrayed by Bro. J.T. Turner, regaled the audience at our April Conclave and Ladies Night, for over an hour with stories of his youth, lessons of life, his professional career as a printer and inventor, and his diplomatic service to our country. His stories of the time period surrounding the formation of the Continental Congress and the writing of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were exceptional. Who knew that he made extra money as a young man by teaching... swimming!

New Hospitaler Appointed

by Valley of Salem on 04/08/12

Brother Arthur Rogers has accepted an appointment to the office of Hospitaler for the Valley. Bro. Rogers is a member of Philanthropic Lodge, Marblehead. Art will be the new contact for all dinner reservations for future Valley Conclaves. He may be contacted at Art will be manning the dinner ticket table in the lobby.

New Tyler Appointed

by Valley of Salem on 04/08/12

Brother Wayne Anderton, 32, has accepted an appointment to the office of Tyler for the Valley. Bro. Anderton is a member of Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Lodge, and is an active North Shore Mason. Look for Bro. Anderton as you exit the elevator. he will be checking dues cards as prescribed by the Deputy for Massachusetts, as well as acting as a greeter to our members and guests.

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